Cattle Bedding

To ensure that maximum weight gain is achieved from feed input per cow there is a need to reduce the amount of energy expanded by an animal in keeping warm.

Wood is a good insulator and thermal store.

Cattle bedded on wood products may have a warm, comfortable bed which remains dry on the surface in the worst of conditions. Sawdust also minimises the effects of surface fouling while straw and shavings would tend to become saturated, therefore cattle bedded with sawdust will remain cleaner and dryer for longer.

Wood chip bedding won’t cling to your cows coat like straw does, making it much easier to clip them.

Alpha Prime (Dry Sawdust)

Dairy cattle require the best and with Alpha Prime dried virgin sawdust they get it.

Alpha Prime is available in various bagged sizes from 12 kg to 1 tonne bags, and is also available in bulk loose loads where storage and access allows.

Dried virgin sawdust gives the highest cleanliness and bacteria free bedding wood product available.

This, coupled with the ease of use and cleaning, provides an excellent mix for cattle health and milk production.


Puffin Equine Pellets - comes in 20kg bags.

Puffin Equine Pellets are 100% sterile and made from top-quality raw materials with no additives of any kind, making them the perfect bedding material for your horse.

Along with its excellent moisture and odour absorbing qualities, Puffin Equine Pellets lasts longer than conventional horse bedding products, thereby reducing costs. Using Puffin Equine Pellets can save your stall cleaning time by over 50% as they are so easy to handle and dispose of. You need only remove the wet spots and solids, leaving the dry pellets to do their job.

Testimonials for Puffin Equine pellets

“We think it’s brilliant, it’s cleaner than straw but cheaper than everything else…It’s really easy to keep and quick to muck out…There is very little waste which keeps the muck heap much smaller!”

Alex Middler, Craigmancie Stud, Aberdeenshire

“The pellets smell a lot better and the horses don’t eat them once they’re down, unlike straw!...For professionals, it’s a doddle! I can now spend 10 minutes cleaning and 50 minute riding instead of a whole hour cleaning!”

Lorna Anderson, Hogholm Stables, Aberdeenshire.

Thoroughbed – 20kg bales (pallets delivered made up of 36 bales)

Manufactured from carefully selected recycled whitewood fibre, Thoroughbed makes a warm, comfortable, supportive, free-draining bed that stays dry on top. Horses on Thoroughbed also stay cleaner as it doesn’t cling to manes, tails or rugs.

Thoroughbed is economical to use as it’s very quick and easy to muck out. It also generates a minimal amount of bedding for the muck heap, making it cheaper and easier to dispose

  1. Virtually dust-free and odourless
    • Absorbent, easy to clean
    • Does not cling to mane, tail or hoof
    • Tested in the most demanding conditions
    • Available in easy-to-handle 20 kilo bales
    • Proven to improve hoof quality
    • Safe and clean – 100% safe and non-toxic
    • Tested by veterinary colleges

Equibed – 25kg bales (pallets delivered made up of 40 bales)

Equibed is a woodchip and shavings mix which is suitable for chickens as well as horses.



Thoroughchick is a wood-based product manufactured to a very high standard. Our unique manufacturing technique uses state-of-the-art technology to produce a chip-based bedding, designed for an efficient performance that promotes the birds’ welfare and the farmer’s productivity.

The Thoroughchick manufacturing process produces a very low dust content, fibre-chip bedding. This is unique to the poultry industry, where most other beddings are a by-product from a process (sawmills, joinery production, etc.), which means that it is readily available year round and does not fluctuate with seasonal demands. The manufacturing process also means that Thoroughchick is a much drier product than sawdust from a sawmill, which is healthier for your birds as well as given you more product per tonne. Thoroughchick has been designed in conjunction with poultry farmers, and maximises best practice, durability and cost efficiencies.

Key benefits

•Very low dust content

•High service and non-seasonal trends

•Suitable for use in most spreading equipment

•Improved thermal properties

•Reduction in topping up

•Labour saving


We produce kiln-dried sawdust that has been crushed to remove all large particles and produce a really fine powdery bedding. As there is very little moisture in this bedding it will keep your chickens extremely dry and ammonia levels low. This is available in bulk or bags, please contact us for a quote.

We can also supply green sawdust in bulk artic loads.

Samples can be provided of any of our products, please contact us and we will get one sent out to you.


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